Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 BMW M5

The new 2011 BMW M5 is a bright new step in automotive technology for BMW. Vehicles that come stock with twin turbo forced induction, such as Nissan GT-R, and the Ford Taurus SHO are much easier to tune and build than vehicles with out factory forced induction. The "2011 BMW M5" is the icon of BMW's future with tuner performance!

The true test of performance and reliability, Nurburgring is the most honorable testing grounds for any performance vehicle. If a vehicle can handle Nurburgring stock, then it is a sure target of aftermarket tuners. Most Nurburgring quality vehicles are targeted towards hardcore sports car enthusiasts. BMW takes pride in their ability to create a performance vehicle that everyone can drive, safely.

The M5’s current 500-hp V10 has always been the black sheep of the BMW powertrain family. The 2011 BMW M5 will go on sale in early 2011. Read on for our preliminary car review of the 2011 BMW M5.

Fuel economy: fuel economy car ratings may improve slightly with the lighter and more efficient V8 engine but will probably still harbor around a city/highway rating of 11/17 mpg.

Engine: twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 with 540 horsepower
Model lineup: the M5 is the only model available

Car safety features: same safety features expected for 2011
Suspension: fully-adjustable suspension

BMW’s latest M5 is due for a few serious amendment, as well as a large transformation was an enormous V10 to a far smaller twin-turbocharged V8. BMW, like all automakers, is feeling the pinch from new emissions and fuel potency standards and is popping to forced induction and smaller engines for improved potency to travel beside its high-performance merchandise.
The "BMW M5" can stay a rear-wheel drive sedan, trying to agility, power and advanced traction management to produce performance – not all-wheel drive.

Behind the wheels are the large drilled and slotted rotors – a transparent indicator that this indeed the range-topping BMW M5 performance sedan.


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