Monday, February 7, 2011

Alfa Romeo sports unveil a concept car in Geneva next month

Alfa Romeo sports car brand will unveil a concept car in Geneva next month to try to raise its profile at the international motor show and beyond.

Alfa Romeo loses money for Fiat, and the concept car would be in line with the Italian car maker's drive to revive the brand by creating some spark at a time when it lacks a new model to show the public.

No one will ever think of "Alfa Romeo" as a value brand, but the floundering Italian marque has always earned admirers with passionate designs aimed straight at the enthusiast core. Alfa has been going through a rough patch, and help is reportedly on the way in the form of a small coupe concept to bow at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Expected to wear the 4C GTA name, the two-seater will be rear-drive, mid-engined, and lightweight, all qualities that will leave enthusiasts weak-kneed and brimming with anticipation. GTA stands for Gran Turismo Alleggerita, also the name of a popular classic Alfa coupe. The concept was designed by the brand’s styling center in Turin, Italy, but details remain close to Alfa’s chest. According to British publication Autocar, Alfa insiders have already dubbed the 4C a “baby 8C.” Apparently, there’s a curb weight target of 850 kilograms (1784 pounds) in place--Once built, Alfa expects to sell around 5000 4Cs per year.
Alfa Romeo expects to start production on a rear-engine, rear-drive coupe, the 4C GTA, in 2012 which is priced at a more affordable 40,000 euros.

Flagship car
Compared to the Alfa 8C Competizione, Alfa Romeo’s most popular model sold at 200,000 Euros, the 4C GTA will come with a more affordable price tag at 40,000 Euros.
The 4C GTA is planned to be a two-seat coupe with a casual-stylish, extremely low design and lightweight construction. Last year, the Giulietta compact went on sale but worldwide sales for the Alfa experienced only a slight increase at 10.2%, or 112,000 cars. 4C GTA features

The 4C GTA will be powered by a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder gasoline engine with horsepower output of more than 250 hp.

Alfa Romeo is famous for their sports cars and coupes, which include current models such as the Alfa Romeo MiTo, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Alfa Romeo 159, Alfa Romeo GT, Alfa Romeo Spider, and Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. Future models include the 4C GTA, Giulia sedan, and Alfa Romeo SUV.

Alfa Romeo is set to finish a concept car on the lightweight rear-drive coupe to be presented next month in a Geneva auto show debut.


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