Sunday, February 20, 2011

Range Rover Evoque is like a trendy

It feels more like a saloon than it does a traditional Land Rover.
Which brings us to challenge number one: making the smallest Land Rover product share the characteristics of its biggest one. "We want the Evoque to feel agile and fun," says Cross, "yet it also has to be refined, with Range Rover levels of sophistication."

Nonetheless, this Range Rover is, ultimately, still a Land Rover product and has to perform off-road. "With a tall car the challenge is getting good roll control with an appropriate level of comfort for a Range Rover. The physics of a tall car are against you," says Cross.

Cross drives smoothly yet briskly, with measured steering inputs. The Evoque gets electric power steering, which comes with benefits and drawbacks. "EPAS is good," says Cross. Any remaining tweaking between now and the Evoque's summer launch is mostly software-related.
IMAGINE a Range Rover capable of nearly 50mpg and with the CO2 emissions of a supermini.
The Evoque handles like a sporty coupé, not a 4x4, but with the ride, comfort and sophistication you'd expect from a Range Rover.

Even at low speeds, it's petrol quiet. It's fitted with Land Rover's latest stop/start technology that automatically cuts the engine in traffic to boost the fuel economy and help reduce CO2 emissions to just 159g/km.

The engine is smooth and instantly responsive, especially if you use the F1-style paddles on the steering wheel that allow you to switch from auto to manual changes to maximise the Evoque's handling.

My test drive across the Welsh countryside, with the firm's handling guru Mike Cross at the wheel, left me in no doubt that Land Rover have motoring's newest phenomenon.
The Evoque is no fashion poser but an authentic Range Rover in every way, but in my view the most fun to drive.

The firm already have a waiting list of thousands of orders from all over the world - the public have been captivated by the car.

When you step inside the Evoque it is like a trendy, shrink-wrapped Range Rover. From the sumptuous stitched leather to the brushed aluminium trim, it oozes quality.
The Evoque is another good news story for British jobs as it's creating 1,000 new ones at Land Rover's Halewood factory.

Murray Dietsh, is the man leading the team that has to deliver Land Rover's most important vehicle ever.

It will be a Range Rover that people aspire to. urray added: "This vehicle shifts the 4x4 mindset.
Land Rover is set to unveil its electric powered vehicle at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.
Land Rover will also show off its keenly-anticipated Range Rover Evoque in both coupe and five-door forms, as well as the latest versions of the Discovery 4 and Range Rover.

The technology-packed Range_e is one of several working prototypes currently being developed at Land Rover’s design and engineering centre at Gaydon.

It is based on a Range Rover Sport and features a standard 3.0 litre TDV6 diesel with an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. It has a range of 20 miles on purely electric power, a top speed of around 120mph and a range of 690 miles. On press day at the show Land Rover will announce European pricing for the Evoque but UK prices will not be revealed until April.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover design director said: “Customers like to make their own unique statement with a vehicle and we have provided individuals with lots of opportunity to personalise their new Range Rover Evoque, whilst maintaining the essence of the design.”
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